My name is Gillian, I am a Wattpad Author and Literary Blogger, I was born in the North of England where I spent a geeky youth reading books. I liked the library so much librarians would find me curled up asleep in the aisles, a good book clutched in my hands. I ‘published’ some of my own books as a child and made my family read them.

At the age of 19 I flew the nest and lived in Venice for a springtime, where I devoured all the culture, and all the tiramisu, I could get my hands on. After that I went to Bristol University, studying English Literature, then I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to do a Masters degree in Art History.

Since then I’ve done many things but my real love has always been writing. A few years ago I started posting stories on the website Wattpad which became a testing and training ground for my work. It has all gone well and that process has given me lots of writing practice and got me in touch with my young readers. I now have over 3 millions reads!

I live in Scotland, with my producer/photographer husband and my two gorgeous children.

Things I love:

Tea, dragons, smelling old books, asking people weird questions (I’m curious!), cold beaches, films, comic books, Star Wars, electronic music, New York.

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