How We Made Dovetail Diaries Book Trailer

Quite a few people have expressed interest in the book trailer for ‘Dovetail Diaries’. I was asked yesterday by a girl on wattpad a few questions about it so I want to answer them here so others can see how it was done too. First of all I have to admit my secret weapon – my husband. He is a film producer who loves cinematography, he is well into his cameras – like, well into them and he knows how to make a good film. So that helps, obviously. Saying that in this day & age anyone could create a great trailer if they wanted to.

First of all we sat down and had a creative brainstorm on what we wanted to communicate. My husband has also read the book so he knew the mood and feel of it. We wanted to include a girl who would hint at the main the character, Amber. We also decided it would be simple and effective to use certain objects that we thought would be in her house – film those things and then put them all together in the film to create a certain mood and feel.

So we asked my young cousin to be the girl – she’s absolutely gorgeous & about the right age. Then we went to a sort of junk yard and got hold of some objects that we thought would be perfect for Amber. This took some searching for the right stuff but we didn’t spend much at all. We also used objects we already had around the house and I borrowed the china cup from my Mum!

Before the shoot we did what’s called a ‘shot list’ where we wrote down every shot and in what order. Then we took one morning to do the filming – just by clearing out a space in our house, inviting my cousin round and filming until we had all the shots on the shot list.

Music is an interesting one – did you ever notice how it can make or break a film? Especially something like a trailer. My husband found the music for this trailer – it is from a YouTube cellist called Jaeyoung Chong who makes the most beautiful music. My husband just wrote and asked to see if he would help and he agreed. The editing was done in Final Cut Pro but there are much cheaper and easier editing programs such as iMovie. In total I’d say the whole thing took about a day or a day and a half to do.

Here are the main tips I can think of:

– Look around to see who & what you already have that could contribute in some way

– Use locations that are easily accessible and free

– Gather together friends & family for a fun day of filming – make them cake if necessary

– You don’t have to have an expensive camera, it could be done on an iphone. This trailer was filmed on a Canon 7D, you may possibly have a friend who owns a good camera & could also be persuaded with cake to help out

– Plan to do the whole thing on a weekend or a few evenings so it doesn’t take up lots of writing time

– Use your powers as a writer to create an effective script/storyline for the trailer

– Don’t forget to direct the viewer at the end to the book – so they can easily read it

– Always ask permission to use someone’s music – they will probably say yes

I hope this helps and anyone who makes book trailers, please let me know I’d love to see them!