My Favourite 3 Fashion Videos

Recently I’ve been doing some research into fashion videos as I have been asked to script and creative direct one for a well known designer. It has been great fun digging through piles of fashion videos. They range from the beautiful to the ridiculous. I’m not a great fan of the whole habit of elongating them so that they seem more arty, but many don’t do that too much – they still manage to keep the attention.

I picked out my three favorites to share with you guys. Please, if there are any fashionistas out there who are well acquainted with fashion videos, send me what you’ve got! I’m always curious.

1. This is a video for the luxury fashion company MAIYET, directed by a film director and it shows, in all the right ways. I love the intimacy and beauty of this video it is absolutely captivating. Love it. My number one.

2. This a video for Nina Ricci. Strange, verging on disturbing, incredible music – gives us an expected twist that I relish!

3. Vanessa Bruno has an admirable habit of making sumptuous, wonderful fashion videos. This one literally blows my socks of in its poetic beauty.

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