Fashion Fantasy

When I found out a few weeks ago I would be involved with a fashion film – to co-write & direct – I was excited – jumping up and down fangirl style excited. I love clothes and always have done, especially the kind of silky, glamorous clothes Iona Crawford makes.

It began with the initial concepting stage which I always find rather fun. This involves sitting down with the other half of my creative team, Sophia Fraser. The kettle goes on, the cups of tea get poured, the lights start flashing (really?) and the ideas start to roll. We had a whole world of thoughts, it being a completely up our street style project. There were the inklings of a short film in there, hell probably a feature.

We divorced ourselves from any kind of physical universe realities during this process and I’m glad we did because if we had any ideas about what we would need to do to pull it off in the real world, in the winter, in Scotland, I seriously question whether we might have thought of an entirely different, entirely warmer idea. As it is I’m glad we ignored reality because the finished film is, I think, well worth every frozen toe on the shoot.

It took a day to film with a full crew and I worked with the two models, one of whom – Caeley Elcock is actually a theatre actress – a beautiful girl who did an amazing job and of course Jordon Steele who was also lots of fun to work with. It was absolutely freezing cold. We trekked up the sides of various hills, galavanted around the countryside with the horse ‘Casino’, waded through mud, filmed from the back of a pick-up van and generally caused havoc in the quiet regions of Stirling in Scotland.

Sophia, the co-creator, was also on the shoot, assistant directing. We kept looking at each other through interminable blasts of wind and snow, saying things like – who the hell came up with this idea? They must be goddam crazy!

Despite all that, I can hardly the numbness and pain. Not now.

Now all I can remember is the fun. And the beauty. Here’s the film:

Fashion 11

BS 1

BS 7