Last week my husband and I attended the Scottish Adventure Awards in Glasgow. We are both homebodies that prefer watching TV box sets with our bunnies running around our feet than flouncing around town however this particular awards evening we didn’t want to miss as it consisted of all the most adventurous people in Scotland under one roof.

Sure enough whilst there we met a guy who swam the entire circumference of the United Kingdom, another man who had just come back from an encounter with six lions and a partially blind guy who had climbed a mountain alone. My husband is the one into all the actual real life adventure stuff for instance, he was hanging off the side of a cliff filming a model in an evening gown last week.

I’m not really one for dangling from ropes or deep sea diving however I do love a bit of adventure in writing. The story I am developing on wattpad is currently becoming increasingly adventurous and my heroine is getting up to the kinds of things I would love to do. My theory is if I can’t do it in real life write about it and in many ways that is almost as good, and probably just as time consuming and hard work at times!


the guy with the yellow helmet? I'm married to him.
the guy with the yellow helmet? That’s my crazy husband.

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