Books & Babies


I finished the manuscript for my new YA novel just a few days before I gave birth to my first son.

By that point the only way I could write was by standing next to the kitchen table with my laptop propped up on a mountain of books as I tapped away on the keyboard. Sitting for hours with my burgeoning belly was just impossible!

As I look back on it weeks later I can’t help thinking how weirdly similar the experiences of making a baby and making a manuscript were. Pregnancy was more physical and writing more mental but they both had that ‘goodness me, let’s get through this thing’ type of feeling and they both involved lots of backache and yes, tears were shed.

I got plenty of advise on how to deal with both even from complete strangers, I looked forward to the ‘arrival days’ with hope and apprehension and I do not deny that the last bit of both processes was painful. Baby-making tops it on that one (if I’m honest, baby-making tops all of it) but even so both times I could hardly believe I had actually done it and that what was at the end of it all could be so incredibly beautiful.

Now it is time to give baby and manuscript a home, to nurture them and give them both the life they deserve!

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