International Women’s Day!

Go females!

I was a bit of a feminist as a child and I blame that on being a kid of the 1980s when Margaret Thatcher was in power (even though I’m not sure if she was a feminist herself!) and women’s rights was everywhere. I used to have actual fights with my mum about a woman’s right to work and how a woman shouldn’t feel pressured to stay at home with the kids. Of course now I have a child I choose to stay at home with my kid, but that wasn’t the point! It was the right to choose. I got that then and I still get it now.

So yeah I suppose I’m still kind of a feminist… I know I’m incredibly grateful to the female freedom fighters who came before me, that allowed me to be as relaxed as I am about it. I know there are women in the world doing great things and I think that has almost become ‘par for the course.’ Not the exception to the rule, just the rule. I also think that ‘greatness’ can encompass such things as ‘being a good mum’ or ‘being a contributing member of the community’ and that it doesn’t just have to mean ‘being Beyonce’ or ‘ruling the world’, it can mean so many things.

Would love to know your thoughts? Happy International Women’s Day!



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