The final chapter of my latest Wattpad story MATILDA AND SEBASTIAN is now posted, meaning the entire book is now ready to read (for free on the site)

What type of story is it?

It’s a romantic drama, set in the North of England. Two teenagers from rival towns fall in love and chaos ensues as the gangs on both sides continue to war. It is a tale of first love, prejudice and friendship.

We follow the journey of the two main characters, Matilda and Sebastian, kindred spirits and fellow outcasts … also the relationships that surround them and the wider society in which they find themselves.

When was it written?

I started the first draft of this book in 2017 just before (and whilst) I was pregnant with my daughter, I completed that first draft after she was born in 2018. I then gave it to a bunch of beta readers, got some fantastic feedback, then rewrote it in 2019.

I sent it off to a bunch of agents, with the hope of it being traditionally published. Although there was some interest in the manuscript, my search came to nothing. It is the fourth manuscript I have attempted to traditionally published.

The story languished untouched and unread all the way through 2020 and most of 2021. I kind of lost hope with it and wasn’t sure what to do with it after it had been rejected so many times. However, during the end of 2021 I decided to go ahead and post it on Wattpad.

I started editing it and posting it in December 2021 and now it is complete by March 2022! I am glad I posted it because the feedback has been brilliant and readers are really “getting it”. So far it has had over 2000 views and 500 votes.

How was it written?

I took one of my favourite works of art, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare as a kind of template, whilst also veering off into something different in various ways – especially by adding Matilda’s best friend Tracey through whose point of view we see a portion of the story.

I decided on third person close narrative from three viewpoints – Matilda, Sebastian and Tracey, so that we could get a wide angle view of what was happening whilst also keeping it intimate to the characters.

Where was it written?

I wrote most of it in Scotland, at home, much of it in bed when I was pregnant! A small portion was written whilst we were on holiday in Greece.

Who helped?

My husband supported me to write the story, helping to create the time whilst having two small children (one of whom was unborn and then a baby during the writing process). The story is dedicated to Rose, my daughter who is now 3 years old.

To read the story, please go here