Language & P.G. Wodehouse

I am writing a Young Adult novel, a real world Fantasy with epic elements aplenty.


As I am writing this book, who is my go-to guy for reference? Why, P.G. Wodehouse of course.

P.G. Wodehouse I hear you cry? But P.G is the Grandfather of 20th Century English Comedies… Light-hearted in the extreme… Jeeves and Wooster and all that 1920s silliness… What does a posh English cad and his over educated butler have to do with modern day YA Fantasy?

Well, quite a lot actually! If you ask me. First of all any P.G Wodehouse at any time of the day is an absolute pleasure and giggle to read and secondly P.G. Wodehouse is a master of language – and all stories need a bit of that right?

I learn from P.G. what I can’t learn quite as well anywhere else. How to use words to paint the picture of a character so real and so ridiculous it makes me laugh out loud, how to finely tune the first person narrative to illustrate the difference between what the character thinks is going on and what is actually going on. How to create so much love for the people in the book you wish they lived in your house.

What more can I say? The list is endless. I recommend P.G. Wodehouse to all young writers and readers! He’s a trooper and a blast!

a scene from the tv show ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ based on P.G.’s works
I have this exact copy in my house!
this is the actual P.G. Wodehouse himself


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