I Love Libraries

Libraries are my favorite places. As a youngster I was more than happy to spend days within them pouring over the pages, eating up the words whilst visiting a thousand places and making hundreds of new friends all while sitting in a council owned chair in Lancashire.

I’ve noticed that writers always say this kind of thing when they talk about libraries and sometimes I wonder if we in fact are a slightly different species that originate from a planet covered in books, comfy chairs and reading lamps with cups of tea everywhere. That would be an amazing planet.

This week I have discovered the latest offering of my local library. Audiobooks. Probably everyone else has been doing this for years but I haven’t. As I write my book I wanted to fill my every waking moment with the art of storytelling. I am not one of those writers that shuns other reading whilst writing a book in fact I am the opposite. I want to soak in every word, constantly learning from those before me. When I say every waking moment I really mean it – in the shower, on the bus, making dinner, cleaning my teeth.

Thus began my love affair with the app ‘Borrow Box’. An instant smash hit. Ah libraries… you never fail to amaze and please me!




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